Lau Gar Wales Kung Fu

Lau Gar Kuen Kung Fu came to South Wales back in 1973 during the "hey-day" of martial arts movies with the breakthrough of Bruce Lee. Lau Gar Kung Fu has lasted the test of time and has benefited many hundreds of students.

Training in Lau Gar Kung Fu brings so many benefits. To start with, students will notice an increase in physical fitness, greater strength, increased balance and improved coordination. Next comes a feeling of extra vitality, better awareness and more self-confidence.

Our classes are run in a friendly but disciplined atmosphere and involve a wide range of activities, planned to improve skill and fitness. The success and quality of our classes is reflected in the high number of Black Belts, who all train regularly and still strive for perfection.

All our instructors are well qualified and experienced martial artists, who take care in the development of each student. All the instructors are approachable, friendly and always ready to help..